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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

July s Cherrybox

 Costs 10 e with paypal and if you don t have one ,13e and you pay the courier

My July mystery box arrived on Friday but I received it yesterday.
 Since I got mine so late I had already read a ton of spoilers, 
so I had an idea of what would be in this month’s box.
 There were a lot of complaints on Facebook about the size of the products and now I know why.

 The welcome note in Greek of course
 (sorry about that if I have time I ll translate it for you)

 Behind the welcome note there was a presentation of the products 
Perfumed  with "Le bouquet de Lilli" by Lothantique -yellow rice paper .Cool!

A summer necklace with    Swarovski * Knikati -present from  Cherrybox 
(I will not wear it and honestly I can t see where the Swarovskies are.  I don t like it-sorry  )

Bioplasis-->lipbalm strawberry 4.5g normal size 3.33e
It makes my lips very dry (?)

Castalia-->soap-free ernollient foaming cleansing gel for face or body special size 100ml 
(normal 200ml-12.70e)

Laura Mercier -->Soufle Body Cream Almond Coco 25g travel size 
(normal size 300gr-67.6e)
(Love it!!)

In the little white bag there were  little plastic bottles-testers
Biosilk-->Hydrating Shampoo 0.5oz (normal size 350ml-16e)
Biosilk-->Hydrating Conditioner 0.5oz  (normal size 350ml-17.5e)
(I can t have an opinion with so little product-we will see)

Elixir London -->Nail polish #151nornal size 4e 
(Nice summer color)

Lothantique-Savon 2e
French Lavender soap25gr normal size
(whaaaaaattt the ....!!!) 

 What do you think?
Ok I know that s a way of testing new products some in testers -some in normal sizes  but the Biosilk things so little amount of product .You can t have an opinion with just that,right?...and what about the soap,oh dear!
 Anyway,I ll give it one more chance...

Οι αναρτήσεις δεν είναι σε καμιά περίπτωση διαφημιστικές αλλά ενημερωτικές! Δοκιμάζω τα προϊόντα που εγώ αγοράζω με δικά μου χρήματα και απλά γράφω και μοιράζομαι, την προσωπική μου άποψη πάνω σ’ αυτά .